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About Isfahan 7th of Tir Industries

Esfahan Haftom-e-Tir Industries, based on its professional and expert
engineers , technicians , workers and utilizing modern machineries and
developed quality control equipments , is producing rubber gate valves
based on the technology of Hawle company from Austria . we have also
added check valve , hydrant valve , strainer ,butterfly valve , control valve ,
Knife valve , plunger valve and etc. to our product range. Now after nearly two
decade, we have the honour of being one of the best industrial valve
manufacturers in Iran and even in the middle east has born fruit and we are
one of the major and best in the field.

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High Quality

Our quality control team ensures the quality of raw materials, machining accuracy, pressure testing. These valves are produced in accordance with DIN standard and with advanced machines.

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We are known for providing industrial valves at a fair and reasonable price. Get price inquiries online. .

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We know the time is golden for you, so we will deliver your order on time.

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We are committed to our customers and offer 25 years of unique and exceptional after-sales service.

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Our professional sales and technical team answers all customers' questions in the fastest time.

Accept small orders

Small and medium orders are accepted. Regardless of the size of your order and request, we will handle it well.

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