About the factory

About the factory

About Isfahan 7th of Tir Industries

Shortage of water resources and wasting a vast amount of potable water from water supply network because of low quality and old equipment and underground water pollution because of sewage system leakage are the major reasons for paying more and more attention to this kind of product quality.

Esfahan Haftom-e-Tir Industries, based on its professional and expert engineers , technicians , workers and utilizing modern machineries and developed quality control equipments , is producing rubber gate valves based on the technology of Hawle company from Austria . we have also added check valve , hydrant valve , strainer ,butterfly valve , control valve , Knife valve , plunger valve and etc. to our product range. Now after nearly two decade, we have the honour of being one of the best industrial valve manufacturers in Iran and even in the middle east has born fruit and we are one of the major and best in the field.

ISO 9001 22008 , OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates , ISO 14001:2004 , ISO 10002:2004 , CE-Marking , distribution of products all over Iran , exporting and above all satisfaction of our customers proves our products best quality.
This is our duty to manufacture best quality products with minimum price , unique after sale service and maintaining customer satisfaction .
Hence we would be very pleased to be helped by your comments and suggestions.

our customers

For more than 25 years, these industries are proud to have contributed to increasing the quality of valves and meeting the needs of consumers by producing industrial valves with superior quality level for distributors, exporters and project employers worldwide.

Some of the collections we have been proud to work with:

Why choose the official representative of the 7th of Tir Industries?

تیم کنترل کیفیت ما از کیفیت مواد خام، دقت ماشینکاری، آزمایش فشار اطمینان حاصل می‌کند، و شیرآلات کاملا مطابق با استاندارد DIN و با ماشین آلات پیشرفته تولید می‌شوند.

 ما میدانیم زمان برای شما طلاست، ازین رو سفارشتان را درموعد مقرر تحویل میدهیم.

 ما به ارائه شیرآلات صنعتی با قیمت منصفانه و معقول معروف هستیم. بصورت آنلاین استعلام قیمت بگیرید.

 ما به مشتریان خود متعهد هستیم و ۲۵ سال خدمات پس از فروش استثنایی ارائه میدهیم

 تیم فروش و فنی ما در سریع ترین زمان پاسخگوی سوالات همه مشتریان هستند.

علاوه بر سفارشات عمده، سفارش های کوچک و متوسط نیز پذیرفته میشوند.